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Northern Lights over snowy mountains. Aurora borealis with starry in the night sky. Fantas



Welcome to Amazing Aurora, the mobile app that brings the Northern Lights to you. Experience the beauty and wonder of this natural phenomenon from the comfort of your own home with real-time updates and notifications. Our interactive map and educational resources make it easy to learn about this incredible sight.

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A quite road in Norway with a spectacular Northern Light Aurora display lighting up the ni

Amazing Aurora Story

It all started with a small conversation about solar wind data values related to photography and blossomed into one of the best apps for following and understanding the northern lights!

The Latest App and Site News

Main App Features

Solar prominence, solar flare, and magnetic storms. Influence of the sun's surface on the
Use of Phone
Real-Time Solar Wind Data

Speed, Density, Bz, Bt, and

Hemispheric Power for the

Next Hour at Your Fingertips!

Aurora Reports and Tracking

See Where the Aurora is Being Seen and Join in on the Chase!

Get Alerted of Activity

Turn on Mobile Alerts to Get Notified When Activity is Occurring or Conditions are Favorable

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We’re Here to Help.

What does the Amazing Aurora app do?

The Amazing Aurora app provides the user with a vast amount of information regarding the solar wind impacting Earth. The solar wind interacting with Earth's magnetosphere is what causes the aurora to occur!

How often is the app updated?

The answer to this question is, it depends. The app is updated whenever bugs are uncovered by users, when major package updates are available, and if suggested features are added to the app. The app is updated, at a minimum, once per year to insure it is compliant with security features provided by Google and Apple.

There are several aurora apps out there. What makes Amazing Aurora the best?

A lot of time and effort has been put in developing the app to make it the best option for anyone from beginner to advanced users. The information is collected from national space weather agencies and, rather than regurgitate all of this information, Amazing Aurora refines it using a proprietary algorithm to give you indications of when conditions are just right in your area to see this phenomenon. It has been field tested and validated by first-time gazers and veteran light chases alike!

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