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Additions to 11.2.2

New Chart Example

As I began making changes to the app to update things in 11.2.2, I decided now was the best time to make the jump to native, in-app charts. Currently, the app re lies on webView and a web page to load the chart data. Moving forward, the charts will be built with in the app. This allows me to utilize the functionality within the app for many things and also allows for chart updates every minute versus every five; which is what they are at now. I am not sure how long the migration will take, but I am hoping to have it all wrapped up within the next week or two.

That is all I have planned for this next update. Feedback has been great with the latest update and, if you have thoughts or ideas, pass them along! You can use the form here on the site, text message, email, or hop into Discord or Slack to let me know!

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