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Putting Charts on Hold for 11.2.2

Update 11.2.2 has been pushed out to Apple and Google for approval. The charts will not be updated in this iteration. Moving to a new plugin has proved to be more challenging than expected, so back to the drawing board. What is currently in the app works great, but the plan is to move away from webview in favor of an in-app plugin that handles it all. This will cut down on errors from webview in the future. Most of those errors occurred on the main page, which is why it was redesigned and no longer loads web pages to show data.

More updates to come at a later date. For now, as long as everything is working well, it may be time for a little break away from programming to let the brain descramble a bit. Accessibility options are on the docket for the next update to allow changes to certain colors. More to come!

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