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Update 11.2.2 Coming Soon!

Round Values Option Added

After releasing 11.2.1, it was brought to my attention that several app users prefer to have the precise values for the solar wind data versus natural/whole numbers. 11.2.2 will add an option under the solar wind data to allow the user to choose how to display the data. For some, the rounded numbers are sufficient, but exact values are more precise for the scientific aspect of aurora hunting.

There was also a slight bug with the probability display block. When it was refreshing, it was returning a blank box, by design, instead of taking up space. Through testing, it was noted that this is a bit of an annoyance, so a placeholder was added while the data is refreshing to keep portions of the screen from appearing to jump. Additionally, the amount of scroll when expanding the Kp forecast was adjusted so that it better reflects where on the screen the data is displayed.

We'll give 11.2.2 a few days of testing to make sure it is working ok and then I will push it out to Google and Apple for release!

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