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Update 11.2.3 Coming Along!

Image of the initial launch screen for the Amazing Aurora app
New Initial Launch Screen

I am continuing work on v11.2.3 and nearing the testing phase! This will not be a major overhaul, but there is a bit of a change to the onboarding process. Many users reported an issue with a blank screen, even after reinstalling the app. The problem was discovered to be an issue with the location permissions check. In theory, it worked great; but, practical application proved otherwise. In order to prevent that bug from happening again, I redesigned the onboarding process for the app which will step the user through the proper information and permission requests required by the app. This should be a lot more user-friendly in the end.

I am also trying to get the accessability options incorporated in this update for colors. There are a few areas that may take a bit more time to incorporate, but I believe I can get most of the colors working with an optional setting. This option would allow users to substitute red/green for colors which are easier for them to see. Again, it should be easy but, if it gets too difficult, I will push that back to the next updated.

That's the latest and greatest from HQ! Excitement is building as the next solar storm approaches in the next couple of days! Post those sightings if you see her dancing across your skies!

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