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v11.2.0 to be Submitted on November 11, 2023

It's an exciting time here at headquarters! The final beta version is out to the testers and a lot of adjustments have been made and a few features. The goal, as of this post, is to push the update out to Google and Apple for final approval tomorrow, November 11, 2023. It generally takes 1-3 days for approval, so the hope is that it will be live by next weekend, barring any issues with the latest build. If you're curious, here is the work that has been put into 11.2.0:

  • Crafted a new, improved icon for the app and Play Store

  • Moved from OneSignal to Firebase Messaging for notification service

  • Moved data calls to JSON files versus database for security and performance

  • Removed webview from the solar wind (main) screen

  • Added a timer for the auto-refresh feature on the main screen

  • Added the time the screen was last loaded at the top of the main screen

  • Buttons on the subscriber's charts screen now subdue when unavailable

  • Complete rework of the reports screen

    • Added an auto-refresh to the map with a countdown timer

    • Removed webview maps from the page in favor of built-in maps plugin

    • Subscribers will now see what reports are being viewed (all, yes, no) at the top of the screen

    • Subscriber's buttons now subdue when they are unavailable

    • Yes/No report buttons subdue (disable) if custom location is used

  • Added a daytime alerts options in settings for subscribers; get alerts all day if you want!

  • Corrected an issue with the custom location screen not loading the app's stored location data

  • Behind the scenes, completely reworked the notifications database to improve performance

Whew! That was a LOT of work to get done. With the move from Alaska to Florida, there was a bit of delay getting this update out, but it was better to delay than put out something that may have a lot of bugs. This update lays the foundation for updates to come over the next year or two, so exciting times will continue to lie ahead! And, as always, THANK YOU for being an Amazing Aurora user/subscriber!

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