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Version 11.2.1 is Live!

After the launch of 11.2.0, immediate feedback revealed that the text in the app was just too small. Thus, a quick adjustment was made to increase the size of the font. Admittedly, it looks a lot better!

There have also been several reports of users having issues with blank screens or crashes. This is a known and unavoidable issue from upgrading to 11.2.x from 11.1.3 or lower. The issue lies with coding, variables, and how data is stored on the device. The solution? Simply uninstall the app and reinstall. If you have subscribed, simply visit the settings and click on the "Restore Purchase" button to relink your subscription.

Feel free to join the Discord or Slack servers or, if you prefer not to get that technical, you can always use the Contact form to ask questions or leave feedback!

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