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Work Begins on v11.2.3!

One would think that, a week after an update, there may not be one for a while. Not here at the Amazing Aurora app! The app is constantly evolving and changing based on testing and user feedback. That said, what lies ahead in v11.2.3? Well, I am glad you asked!

The next update will make a significant change in the on-boarding process of the app. When a new user (or a previous user who reinstalled the app) opens the app for the first time, it will take them through a few screens: app tracking, location, and notification permissions. The way the app works now, it attempts to make this as seamless as possible to the user. Unfortunately, it doesn't work all of the time and some users are having issues getting the app to start successfully on a fresh install. I'll fix that (and, if not, I'll keep working on it until I do)!

I am also going to add the ability to change the colors red and green to alternate colors. This is part of an accessibility move in the app and stems from feedback from a user who has a difficult time seeing green colors. This can also be a problem with reds. That said, whatever changes I can make to help the app be easy to use for everyone, I will! So, keep those suggestions coming!

That's all for my anticipated changes in 11.2.3. I am still working on revamping the charts page, but what is there works well for now. As soon as I can implement those chart changes, I will. As always, thank you for using the Amazing Aurora app!

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