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It is FINALLY Complete!

I am happy to report that development and testing on v11.2.3 has wrapped up and the final version has been provided to Google and Apple for release to the respective app stores! This has been a long undertaking to refine the inner workings of the app and improve the cosmetic look. All of these updates are crucial foundational changes for the move to 12.0.0 late summer to early fall (I hope)! Here are the biggest changes:

  • Moved push notifications from OneSignal to Firebase Messaging due to slow support and broken packages

  • Improved the appearance of the main and settings screens

  • Changed settings options from small checkboxes to larger toggle switches

  • Cleaned up several minor bugs in code within the app and supporting web scripts

The move to version 12 will bring an end to all web viewer instances, which are known to cause crashes and ANRs with Android. It will also bring options for accessibility features to allow changing colors for those with color blindness. Lastly, version 12 will bring hourly observations and 3-hourly weather forecasts to the subscription users. It has been asked for and I have found a manageable source for information, so look for that coming next season! The app has been trucking along for three years now and I am excited to see what the fourth has in store!

As always, THANK YOU for being an Amazing Aurora user!

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