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Still Working!

I didn't realize it's been nearly two months since I have provided any updates. My apologies as I have been dealing with some personal issues and just have not been as busy as I had been. However, progress is still being made!

If you have lost your notifications, I am aware. I switched notification services with the last update and, well, it looks like I may have mucked up some settings in the files. Some of you might be thankful (especially when the buggy notifications start going nuts) and others not happy, but I think I have figured it out and 11.2.3 should (hopefully) fix notifications.

There has been a lot of cosmetic work going into the next release along with the bug fixes I am finding. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised with the new look of the app. It is nothing fancy, but it does make it look a little less plain Jane (sorry, Janes). I am really hopeful that I can get it to the test team by this weekend and let them run it through the paces for a week or two to make sure everything is good to go. I know it is getting close to the end of the season up north, so I am really trying to get this out before the end of the season!

Once this update is out, 12.0.0 will begin development which will start to incorporate the accessibility changes and other improvements to the OVATION page and add in some weather data. Here is hoping that all continues to go somewhat smoothly in the near future!

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